website support


We’re here to help. From promotional updates to training and support,
we provide all the technical assistance you require to make your online business a success.
24/7 website support

Ultimate Website Support

*24/7 support restrictions apply

Design Support

  • Adding new content (text, images, banners)
  • Text and image enhancements
  • Promotional updates
  • News
  • Offers
  • Special announcements
  • Seasonal content updates
  • +More.

Marketing & SEO Support

  • Keyword Research
  • Adding new keywords ( text, images, banners)
  • Project management
  • Keyword enhancement
  • Promotional updates
  • News Letters
  • Maintaining campaigns
  • Consulting.

Web Hosting Support

  • Backing up files and databases
  • Restoring files and database backups
  • Managing the files and databases on the server
  • Managing domain settings
  • Managing email settings
  • Managing SSL certificates
  • Fixing any bugs related to hosting upgrades
  • Configuring a separate development environment.

Website support rates

By priority (P1-P5) response time



Response time 3-7 business days.
No Agreement required.

  • Min.



Response time 1-2 business days. *Agreement required.

  • Min. Hrs 3/Month



Response time 12 business hours. *Agreement required.

  • Min. Hrs 3/Month



Response time 4-8 business hours *Agreement required.

  • Min. Hrs 5/Month



Emergency: 1-4 hours (24/7).
No Agreement required.

  • Min. Hrs

*P1-P4 website support requests that exceed your website maintenance plan’s monthly hours
are billed at a discounted rate of $120/hr (standard rate $135/hr).
P1-P4 website support requires a 1-year agreement.