Noun: Mobile App UX, UI Design

Sprokk Mobile App: UX Design, UI Design. Splash and Record Screens
Sprokk: Mobile App UX, UI Design
January 9, 2016
User Authentication: Mobile App UX, UI Design
EZ Fabric: Mobile App UX, UI Design
January 9, 2016

Noun: Mobile App UX, UI Design

Noun Mobile App: Authentication UX-UI Design
  • TaskUX Design, UI Design, Mobile Prototype, Brand Identity

Socially Aware

As mobile apps continue to flood the market at neck break speed, the thirst for social awareness continues to rise. Meanwhile, the need for specificity and simplicity is an undeniable reality.

An App Apart

The Noun app seeks to bridge the social gap between People, Places and Things. The challenge with social apps is that there are just too many. So how do you stand out as a needle in a haystack? Rather, how do you promote a product or service without becoming an ambassador of SPAM?

It’s Simple

With a suggestive approach based on personal interest + proximity, we were able to identify a market share that allows users to choose the things and places they are interested in, allowing brands and physical establishments the opportunity to connect with a userbase with genuine interest in their product or service.